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I wonder why the Tallests haven't been calling me. Is it because they are too proud of me at succeeding at Operation Doom 1, or are they just waiting for me to call them. I don't know. Jeez, walking can be a pain. The sidewalk was cracked and I was almost at school-
"Who are you talking to?"
I turn my head to find the annoying red haired human by my side.
"What the? Go away human, I don't have time for your problems!"
The human ran after I scared it. Ha! Look at it run! I hope he learned his...
I open my eyes to find Dib staring over me with a stupid grin.
" Ya ready for the test Zim?!?! I hope you studied!" shouted Dib.
" Get outa my way big headed human!" I shouted back.
"Oh that's right. You don't even know what a test is." Dib yelled.
I don't have time for this, I thought and then shoved him and ran through the school doors.

Once I got to the class the metal borders were going down and everyone was cheering.
"Children we won't be having a test to-ZIM SIT!" the teacher yelled.
I quickly take my seat and glare at the hideous human teacher.
"Anyway, we won't be having a test today. Instead, an exchange student from a nearby school is coming to examine the class. It's a new project we are doing with nearby schools called "Enchange Examination". And at the end of two days the student will pick one of you to examine their school, got it?"
Everyone looked at each other, puzzled and confused. Dib was confused too, so I assumed it as unusual for this special experience. Then I heard a knock at the door.
A human female walked in with a check board. She was about the same height as me and was wearing a black hoody. She had a metal left claw and a scar across her right eye.
" Everyone, this is Sam. She will be here for today and tomorrow. Don't talk to her during class or you'll get detention. Don't ask why. Would you like a seat Sam?"
" No, I'm fine, thank you." Sam said in a nice tone.
She leaned against the wall nearest to me and already started writing. I tried to look over her shoulder, but she backed away and glared at me. Then she started folding her paper and then threw it at Dib's head.
Stupid Dib opened it and read it for 10 minutes. He looked very puzzled and-

" OH MY GOD ! What is that annoying sound!" I screamed.
Everyone was looking at the window to see a huge cat scratching the window. Its giant blue eyes were glaring at Dib, then at me! Jeez, that cat was scary. Its black and white pelt was sticking straight up.
" Oh, that's my cat. His name's isn't important. He'll go away in a minute." Sam said.
Well, he didn't. The cat just stood there staring at the entire class. It was really annoying and I couldn't concentrate. Finally the bell rang and everyone ran to lunch, except Sam. She just walked without worry.
" Hey! Why did you come to invade our school!" I shouted.
" I didn't come to invade, Zim," she said calmly, "I came to exam this boring school for my project."
" How did you know my name!?!?" I questioned.
" It's written all over your face." she sassed.
What? She wasn't kidding around. I decided to stop messing with her.

Stupid Sam! Why did she have to come along? Now she'll just be another annoying pest human like Dib!
By the time I got home, Gir was on the couch watching TV and eating... well I don't know. I didn't feel like reporting to the Tallests and just watched TV with Gir till midnight when I heard something.
Screaming and shouting. Oh great, now Gir's at the window.
" There's a party! Can I go?" Gir said.
I roll my eyes and look out the glass window. What the?!?!
At least fourty human children were in the cal-de-sack or whatever. They were on these metal objects, riding them around in circles. Cheering and shouting with soda, wearing hoodies and torn jeans.
I run out the door with Gir and I in our disguises. I've never seen these children before. Then I saw Sam, riding on a black metal transportation device, with the black and white cat on her shoulder. What was she doing here?
I knocked off the nearest kid off his device and rode on the device after her. Man, this was way easier than flying my ship.
"Hey," I shouted, "what are you doing here?!"
She slammed on the brakes and jumped off the device. "It's called having fun!" Sam shouted and picked upped the device.
I was going to slam right into her! I screamed and ducked, closing my eyes in fear.


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